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Are Christmas trees poisonous to cats?

Christmas trees are considered to be mildly toxic. The fir tree oils can irritating to the mouth and stomach, causing excessive drooling or vomiting. The tree needles are not easily digested either; possibly causing...

2017 calendars

LoveCATS 2017 Calendars now for sale!

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Teddy 10 years old from Canada

Is your cat aging well?

It takes a special kind of person to invest deep love in a pet, knowing that with a cat or dog’s shorter life span, we likely will be saying goodbye to them in relatively short...

3 Happiness Secrets Only Cat Owners Know

3 Happiness Secrets Only Cat Owners Know

Only those who love felines have figured out a few ways to live more joyfully … once the litter box is finally clean that is! Happiness Secret 1: Fickle expressions of love can be...

Baman born with two sets of ears.

Batman, born with two sets of ears!

This 3-year-old cat named Batman was born with two sets of ears and has become a kind of internet star after the four-eared feline was found at a Pennsylvania animal shelter. Batman’s second set...


The story of Mäuschen & Muschi

Back in 2000, something strange happened at the Berlin Zoo. That’s when zookeepers noticed a black house cat had somehow made its way into a bear enclosure. Instead of scaring off the cat or...



Paul, co-founder of Project ‘Change One Life’ Cat rescue & Sanctuary , would like to share with us his experience as a caregiver and what it means to commit oneself to relieving the suffering...


Book 2 – Photo contest winners!

“My cat, my everything.” First Edition – This year we received almost 600 hundred photo entries to participate in our photo contest. All of them, absolutely gorgeous and we had a really hard time...