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2015_10099 May. 18

Toronto feral cats’ angel

Over the last four years, Helder Da Silva has racked up over 140,000 km on his car travelling to cat colonies across the city to provide feral cats with food and water. Da Silva,...

2015_8850 Jan. 29

There’s nothing wrong with it!

According to a Kelton Research survey commissioned by Milo’s Kitchen pet treats, 81% regard their pets as full members of the family, 58% call themselves their pets’ “mommy” or “daddy.” , 77% buy pets birthday gifts. and more than...

I know it's a laser pointer silly!

Why Do Cats Like Laser Pointers?

Laser pointers throw out brightly colored red dots of light that move at different speeds and change direction quickly. Since cats are natural hunters, those moving red dots satisfy their hunting instincts.