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Do Cats Really Prefer Women?

New research recently revealed that women, in general, tend to bond more with cats than men do. Many men, however, enjoy equally rewarding relationships with cats. What might explain our puzzling human-cat dynamics?

What type of crazy cat lady are you?

What type of crazy cat lady are you?

Your cat says a lot about you and your presonality! What type of crazy cat lady are you? We’ve neatly sorted out a few based on the type of cat that ‘owns’ you … Tabby You...


Antifreeze, deadly appealing to cats

Antifreeze presents deadly risks to cats and just the smallest amount can cause kidneys to fail and lead to the untimely demise of our feline friends. Accidental poisonings happen, especially at this time of...


Christmas donations for our Sanctuary welcome!

For our rescues, the best present this Christmas is having a safe place to live. Rescuing abandoned cats and running a Sanctuary is expensive work! Thanks to kind donations from our supporters, we pay to have the...