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2015_11025 Aug. 09

Tips to Have a Happy Cat

Adopting a cat is truly a long term commitment. A cat can live up to twenty years, and even longer so let’s make sure he/she gets to live a long happy life. Tips to...

2015_10999 Aug. 04

Oscar, the cat who rules the dementia ward

Therapy cats are especially valuable when interacting with Alzheimer’s Disease patients, by stimulating both memory and forgotten emotions. One of the most astounding cases of cats assisting Alzheimer’s patients is Oscar, the cat who rules...

Therapy Cats

Therapy Cats

Our cats give us unconditional love and sharing that love with others in need can be a special gift. One way to do this is by having your cat certified as a ‘Therapy Cat,’ one...

Cats are quieter than Dogs

5 Ways Cats Can Cure Depression

Cats are known to be incredibly independent creatures. But they also make excellent companions and offer superb therapy on many levels. Various studies have proven that a pet can actually help reduce stress and...