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Missey saved by vodka drip!

Vodka drip saves Missey’s life

A cat left seriously ill after being doused by anti-freeze was saved – by vodka. Missey the stricken moggie was attacked by cruel thugs who covered her in anti-freeze outside her home. She was...


Marshmallow, the fluffy kitten

When Marshmallow was born, she weighed more than 60 per cent less than the normal expected weight of new-born kittens – around 2.3 ounces.  But a month later, the fluffy white kitten was making...

Goldie & her baby

Stuck on you

Goldie was found in South Carolina (USA), barking in a ravine. At first, she seemed to be stuck, tangled in the briars … but she wasn’t stuck at all. She was watching over a...