Am I out of my mind?

 I thought I heard, saw, felt my departed pet. Am I out of my mind?

Over the past decade, time and time again, people hesitatingly reveal instances in which their sense of sight, smell, touch and/or dreams indicated their departed friend may have been present.

2015_9165 Feb. 24They worry about sharing such experiences with anyone else for fear they’ll be seen as having lost it!  They may see a fleeting shadow, hear a soft whinny from the barn, feel a strong presence in the room, or feel little paws walking up the comforter at night. They may dream vividly and awaken with the sweet sense of their pet’s smell and warmth in the room certain they were briefly reunited with their pet.

Animal companions are spiritual creatures. The Indians of Alaska build “spirit houses” along beautiful overlooks, believing it takes a year for a loved one’s spirit to complete a transition to the next world.

There is no reason to analyze such experiences. What is real to a person is real. Animals have a divinity and majesty that is unknowable at times. Not all in life can be explained.