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Gardening tips for cat owners

We’ll be taking you through three kinds of plants safe for cats, a list of plants poisonous for cats, and a few tips and tricks on how to make your garden extra cat-friendly! CAT-SAFE...

Easter flowers

Easter lilies can be lethal to cats

Lilies can cause life-threatening renal injury to cats. The Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) in the UK have identified lily intoxication amongst the top five serious intoxications of cats, and indeed it currently generates...


Spring Allergies

Just like us, our cats can suffer from seasonal allergies. Their symptoms however are different from ours. Cats tend to not have the sneezing, congestion and runny eyes that we do. Their skin is...

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Why women love cats?

1. If we had tails, we would use them to communicate the way cats do. Cats’ tails are so much more expressive than dogs’ tails. I love my dog, but there are only one or...

2015_4645 Mar. 05

Do Cats Really Prefer Women?

New research recently revealed that women, in general, tend to bond more with cats than men do. Many men, however, enjoy equally rewarding relationships with cats. What might explain our puzzling human-cat dynamics?

What type of crazy cat lady are you?

What type of crazy cat lady are you?

Your cat says a lot about you and your presonality! What type of crazy cat lady are you? We’ve neatly sorted out a few based on the type of cat that ‘owns’ you … Tabby You...