Batman, born with two sets of ears!

This 3-year-old cat named Batman was born with two sets of ears and has become a kind of internet star after the four-eared feline was found at a Pennsylvania animal shelter.
Batman’s second set of ears is said to be the result of a genetic mutation. The condition has been documented since at least 1936, when a four-eared cat named Toots was found in Ashtabula, Ohio, according to the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.

“The mutation has been studied and is argued to be a recessive gene mutation needed from both parents in order to produce four ears,” the shelter posted on Facebook, where they were bombarded with inquiries on adopting him.
Batman adopted!
Batman initially came into the shelter with an upper respiratory infection, which delayed adoption applications. But he recovered soon after, giving the shelter a green light to find him a new home. Jus a few hours later, a  young girl and her mother decided to take Batman into their home.
The shelter expressed hope that news of Batman’s adoption would bring awareness of the many other equally special cats and dogs in need of a home.
Images courtesy of: WPAHUMANE.ORG


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