Can we keep our cats away from the laundry? No! but we can handle laundry in a way that can keep everybody  happy!

A few useful tips:

Restrict access.

Depending on our setup, we can close the laundry room door or bring our clean clothes from the laundry in a container which keeps our cats away until it is safely in drawers.

Can we keep our cats away from the laundry?

Variable barrier.

If we are doing laundry at home, without a laundry room which can be closed, we can throw a clean towel or sheet over the laundry when it sits alone and unprotected. There can even be designated items for this purpose, re-used or re-washed as needed.

Yours and mine.

Give them a laundry basket with their own clean blankie on top. If we need extra blankies for such purposes, get them. Our cat will be thrilled and happy.