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What would you do?

What would you do?

It was one of those “What would you do?” moments. A Tierrasanta pet owner watched a coyote snatch her cat. So in the darkness she chased the coyote down.

Stewie, the gray tabby Maine coon who was named as the longest cat in 2013

How big was the world’s largest house cat?

The Guinness World Records association recognizes the largest cat alive based on the separate categories of length and height, meaning there can technically be two cats that qualify as the world’s largest house cat,...

Tiny Millie

Millie was born with tetralogy of fallot, a heart condition with serious defects. Not only was she tiny compared to normal cats her age, but the vet’s opinion was that, “she wasn’t going to...

Oscar the bionic cat

Oscar the bionic cat

Oscar the bionic cat lost his hind feet in an accident and thanks to the efforts of vets he’s now back on his own four feet. Read this captivating story of compassion, endurance and...

How do cats survive falls from such great heights?

Do cats really have nine lives?

A cat in the US city of Boston survived a fall from a 19-storey window and only bruised her chest. This cat was lucky but many, if not most, would have severe lung damage,...