Category: Safety Tips for Cats

Halloween safety tips

Halloween safety tips!

Halloween is a fun-filled holiday for children and adults. However, for a household cat, it can be a stressful, frightening, and even dangerous holiday. Remember, your pet depends on you to protect him, so please...

Simmering potpourri

Potpourri: Hazard to Cats

Simmering potpourri is becoming more popular as a household fragrance. Even though it’s a common object, few pet owners know the potential hazards of the product. If the oil is used in your home,...

Tornadoes: Keeping Pets Safe

If you live in a part of the world where tornadoes strike, you can increase the chances that your pets will survive a storm by following a few simple steps.

Household dangers to cats

You may think you live in an environment free from cat dangers, but every home is a potential minefield of hazards for your cat. Here are some common household dangers to watch out for… Rat...