Keep your cat safe during fireworks!

1. Keep your pets inside the house: many people keep their pets in their garden, but in this case it is easier for them to stay inside the house as rumours are muffled and they will also feel safe;

2. Keep windows and doors closed and have the TV sound on, this will help keeping a normal environment in the house;

3. Make sure they have a nice and comfy place to rest or hide: if they are scared and are hiding (under the table or some furniture), please leave them there – they are  clearly feeling safer in the place they’ve chosen;

4. If you know that your pet has problems and has already got very much scared in the past (or had panic attacks), visit your vet: he will know what to give you  – do not use homemade solutions, always refer to professional advice;

5. Make sure you add a tag to the collar with all relevant details: name, phone number, address and eventually also the vet phone number.

6. If you have a balcony, make sure they are not there ( unfortunately, cats tend to jump off balconies when they are scared.