Kitty, taking baby steps – by LoveCATS

Kitty is only 2 years old but she has already been pregnant twice.

KittyFirst time we saw her, she had just given birth to a litter of 3. After a couple of weeks, her babies were all found dead by a neighbor who has known Kitty since birth. We were told Kitty was terribly stressed and depressed by her loss and since kittens were still nursing she immediately developed mastitis.

Mastitis is an infection of the mammary glands, which occurs when the mother cat’s milk production is heavy and milk is retained. Mastitis is a veterinary emergency that requires immediate care. So we told our vets about her condition and asked  them for advice. We bought the antibiotics she needed in order to have her healed while still living on the streets. We just needed to make sure she’d take a pill a day for  a week.

Although she was born a feral cat she was quite used to human contact. Kitty’s former caregiver (who called us to tell us about her condition) said she could at times pet Kitty while she was being fed so she could probably be able to give her a pill a day with her food. Only after she’d recover from mastitis we could try to rescue her to have her spayed. And so that’s what we did.

Two weeks later, we could finally get Kitty into a carrier and bring her to the vet clinic. She wasn’t too happy about it at first, she was fearful and not too friendly to the vets and while being handled she almost managed to escape!

Vet said it’d be harsh trying to tame her to be adopted for she was too “wild” and so we thought we’d just TNR, and so she had to stay overnight to have her ear tipped off. Before leaving the vet clinic,  we just looked at those sweet and tender mesmerizing blue eyes and we felt so bad having to leave her there knowing she had to go back to her colony. At that point we left the clinic but something deep inside was telling us it wasn’t right.

A few hours later,  and after discussing the possibilites we thought “what the heck!…let’s take our chances!”  We just could not leave this baby on her own again so we called the vet and asked him not to tip her ear and that we’d pick her up first thing in the morning. We know now we made the best decision ever.

At the vet’s clinic she was panicking with all these meows and barks around her, but once we got her to a safe and quiet environment, she started to soothe and she has never tried to escape… not once! Although she hides during the day, at night she comes out to play. She’s just a baby and needs time to get used to her new life so we are taking baby steps but we’ll get there!


LoveCATS World Admin

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