“Paws 4 Paws” First Edition

These are the beautiful cats that have been selected to be featured in LoveCATS 2015 Photo Book “Paws 4 Paws”
First Edition is now available to buy online at:http://www.blurb.com/b/6200072-paws-4-paws

First Edition

On the COVER
Maggie – 7 months old
Yolanda van Rensburg
Durban, South Africa

Zafiro, 1 year old
TanPheng Chua
Malacca, Malaysia

Bread, 2 years old
Ria Petridou
Nicosia, Cyprus

Toby, 20 years old
Angela Black
Bunbartha, Victoria Australia

Leiya, 13 years old
Carette Groenewald
Pretoria, South Africa

Ziffy, 5 years old
PJ and Caroline Koole
Havelock, ON, Canada

Bones, 9 years
Luca Tomassoni
Rome , Italy

Otis, 7 years old
Matthew Huntley
Richmond, Virginia USA

Buddy, 13 years old
Ginny Jenkins
Downingtown, PA USA

Ruby, 20 months old
Janet Garner
Merseyside, UK

Bella Boo, 9.5 years old
Jennifer Brophy
Blackpool, England UK

Wilma, 6 years
Mats Gustafsson
Malmö, Sweden

Hibari, 14 years old
Chris Chavez
Kawasaki City, Japan

Miss Priss, 13 years old
Sheri Cox
Lewisville, TX USA

Panda, 10 years old
Lori Ray
Belleville, USA

Poofah, 7 years old
Silvia Bukovac Gasevic
Zagreb, Croatia

Thaison, 4 years old
Renscha Smith
Strand, South Africa

Charlie, 2 years old
Candice Shelton
Dayton Ohio. USA

Lucky, 2 years old
Jelena Smiljanić
Belgrade, Serbia

Snowball & Frosty, 3 years old.
Joy Ballard-Sendra
Wells, VT USA

Isa 4 years & Elsa 4.5 years
Anna Slinker
Romney, IN USA

Milk, 1 year old
Cassandra Meyer
St.Thomas, Canada

Salem 12 yrs old
Lindsay MacGregor
Kilbirnie, Scotland

Cody, 4 years old
Rita Scott
Montreal, Canada

Oscar, 2 years old
Aghnia Tasya
Jakarta, Indonesia

Ditto (9), Leo (9), Rascal (8) & Shadow (RIP)
Mary Jane Behning
Apollo, PA USA

Thank you so much for sharing with us your adorable fur babies with us & suppporting our cat rescue work.