Queen Jasmine, a royal delight – By Lori

Jasmine came into my life when she was 6 weeks old. She was born May 7, 1996. My boss at the time had a daughter in law that had a cat with kittens.

Jasmine was the last one left. My boss told me she was pure white with one blue eye and one gold eye. Without seeing her I knew I wanted her. When Jasmine came to work with my boss, the poor little girl was covered in fleas. White cats are usually more sensitive and she is alergic to fleas. I gave her a bath and dried her off. She has been a delight to me for 17 years.

She has a bit of a I am the queen attitude and stays in my bedroom because she hates the other cats. She is in fairly good health and has arthritis and lives on her heating pad as you can see in the picture. I would gladly give up my other cats and everything I own if I could have her another 17 years. She is a very special friend.

Thank you again for featuring her in LoveCATS Photo Book 2013.