Tiny, saved after being dumped – by Ann

I rescued my cat Tiny from where I used to work when I lived in Nova Scotia. He was dumped there along with three siblings and their mom.

Tiny was barely a month old and when I decided to move back to Alberta there was no way I was going without him. Tiny and I made the very long trip home together in my truck. Tiny is now just over 2yrs old and doing awesome.

Before Christmas a friend asked if I would take in a cat that was dumped at a farm. Of course I said!! He was six and BADLY matted, so he had to be shaved. Took him to the vet to be checked out and they said he was 14lbs,had some ear infection, but other than that he was in good health. Because of his size, my son and I named him Chubz. His hair is growing back slowly and he is doing great.

Both my cats mean everything to me and I do ALL I can to make sure they are well looked after. They get to eat the best food from the vet clinic and I get their nails clipped every month. They have cat beds, their own blankets and toys. Guess you could say they are very spoiled, but only in the best of ways.