Zébuline, the “little one” – by Christine

We simply fell in love with her on a picture … Maïou and Caramelle were already sharing our lives and home, when a friend of mine asked me to send the picture of the remaining kitties her own cat had born just a few weeks before.

I did so, and also sent the picture to my husband, asking him to forward the picture to his friends. When I came back home after a tough work-day, we said the same words at the same time : “the little white one is so cute …”.

No more words needed : I called my friend to tell her the little white one had found a new home. It was October 31, 5 years ago. The day after, on November 1, the little white one entered our lives.

We called her Zébuline, a name that didn’t exist, but that suits her so well! Zébuline’s hair is no more white, but she still has her blue eyes, and she is still our “little one”.



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