Plenty of love on the inside.

They might not be the prettiest of animals but when it comes to friendliness, the hairless Sphynx is the cat’s whiskers. A survey of different types of cat found the pedigree breed to be the most affectionate, whereas Britain’s most common variety – the non-pedigree shorthaired domestic moggy – is the most unfriendly.

Born to be free!

Christian: Born to be free

In 1969 Ace Bourke and John Rendall were two young Australian travellers who had just arrived in London when they bought a lion cub from Harrods department store. It was an impractical “impulse” buy, but while he was a cub they felt they could look after him as well as anyone, and do their best…

Help! Is photo submitted big enough?

We understand that many of you are not professional photographers nor graphic designers and that  you are probably doubtful about your entry size. Read these few tips before submitting your entry. In order to help you realize  whether your photo size and quality are suitable for printing work, please follow just a few easy steps:…