Meet our deaf rescue, Angel

Our little Angel was rescued last night. He’s was so desperate for love he did not even care for any food at all. We were doing our night rounds to feed our colonies when this baby appeared out of nowhere. After a coulple of days fostering him, we realized he is completely deaf.


LATEST UPDATE: 10/23/2013

While being fostered, Angel is improving his ‘unusual’ behaviours one day at a time. He does not look so confused nor desoriented anymore as he used to a month ago when he was rescued. However, he still appears to be very irritable, insecure and over-attached. He becomes very anxious from time to time and starts panting. He also has some sort of eating disorder that is causing him to have diarrhea. We are trying to change his feeding habits but it hasn’t been easy so far.

Due to abandonment & deafness, he still has some issues to resolve. We believe it is advisable to help him improve his general behaviour before we even try to re-home him with a forever family. Although we suspect his deafness may be congenital, we want to have his ears tested, hoping the vet can give us an insightful report on his condition, see if he can be helped in any possible way. 

We must take Angel for a more exhaustive vet checkup. Would you help us cover Angel’s vet bills & fostering expenses?

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LATEST UPDATE: 09/23/2013

Our little Angel is now in a foster home where he’s being adored & protected and he knows it. He’s intelligent, playful and affectionate however due to his deafness he’ll be needing some extra time to adjust. Abandonment has not been easy on this beautiful baby who was left to fend for himself at such an early age. Although he does a bit less yowling now his insecurity issues will need time to go away. He needs to follow us around at all times to feel safe… he’s so happy while playing with us but if he loses sight of us he gets scared and starts meowing loud, he becomes agitated rather easily and starts panting. Sometimes at night he wakes up moaning and full of anxiety. We’ve read that caring for deaf cats is no different than caring for any cat, with a few special considerations… however being DEAF and ABANDONED at only 5 months old is a whole different story! He needs lots & lots of TLC and plenty of understanding…while time heals his heart wounds ♥

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Right after midnight, on a chilly & windy night, he was starving & meowing out loud … we immediately tried to lead him to where the food and water containers were placed… but he refused to follow us there… he then hid under a car. We placed new containers with food and water closer to him and decided to wait nearby to make sure he’d eat.

We sat on a bench about half a block away from where he was … we were hoping he’d eventually come out to eat … and then all of the sudden he ran straight to us and threw himself at our feet… he started pouring away and would not leave our side! He almost jumped into the carrier himself.

As soon as he got home he started purring so loudly… and he hasn’t stopped ever since! This morning we found him all curled up into the carrier sleeping like an angel ♥

Although we have a full house at the moment with our 3 fosters, Tina, Kitty & Honey and we are almost out of financial resources, there was NO WAY we could leave this baby on his own out there.

We took him to the vet this morning for a complete check up. Angel is FeLV/ FIV NEGATIVE. He was dewormed & tested. He now needs to be neutered, vaccinated & microchipped.

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