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Treating pets like family. What’s the harm?

According to a Kelton Research survey commissioned by Milo’s Kitchen pet treats, 81% regard their pets as full members of the family, 58% call themselves their pets’ “mommy” or “daddy.” , 77% buy pets birthday gifts. and more than half say they talk about pets more than politics or sex.

Photo Credits: by Bruno Passigatti.

Life changed the day we found Clover

Cats are slowly moving into their own as therapyanimals, and are being used in convalescent homes and other institutions for that purpose. However, though a lot has been written about the use of horses and dogs with autistic children, little, if anything, has been previously written about cats. This amazing true story may open your eyes…

Gardening tips for cat owners

We’ll be taking you through three kinds of plants safe for cats, a list of plants poisonous for cats, and a few tips and tricks on how to make your garden extra cat-friendly! CAT-SAFE PLANTS CAT GRASS What’s a vibrant cat-loving plant that’s easy to grow and inexpensive? Cat Grass, of course! Cats love rolling…

Spring Allergies

Just like us, our cats can suffer from seasonal allergies. Their symptoms however are different from ours. Cats tend to not have the sneezing, congestion and runny eyes that we do. Their skin is a more common target for seasonal allergies.

How much can you mourn a pet?

Some might think true grief is reserved for our fellow homo sapiens, but  the loss of a pet prompts real mourning. Even in the UK, which has what is seen by many non-Britons as a slightly repressed attitude towards death, prolonged mourning and visible grief is considered normal for the death of a family member…

Common feelings following a decision to euthanize.

Even when abundantly clear and medically indicated, the decision to euthanize can leave bitterness, regret and incredible guilt. Life or death decisions, even when suffering is evident are not easily made nor should they be. Second guessing ruminations after the fact are common despite the most compelling evidence that this was the most human decision!…