Bindy is out of the hospital

Bindy, still a kitten at 5 to 6 months old, was beaten by a male member of her household because she was “a bad kitty” for getting pregnant. Bindy is safe from her abuser now and she is in the care of Michigan Cat Rescue.

Bindy had to have an emergency spay to save her life because she was hemorrhaging. In the process she lost her kittens. She is also missing an eye.  Bindy had to stay on at the vet after her surgery because she was not eating on her own.

Michigan Cat Rescue.shared Bindy’s  story and people were deeply affected by the image of the poor little girl who had been so badly treated for something beyond her control.

Many concerned animal lovers contacted Michigan Cat Rescue, wanting updates on Bindy’s condition and pushing for the apprehension and punishment of her abuser, overwhelming the small volunteer organization .

Michigan Cat Rescue explained that they are unable to catch the abuser and must direct their time and resources toward Bindy and the other animals in their care.

The good news is that Bindy is now out of the hospital in her foster home, eating on her own!

Source: Michigan Cat Rescue FB page