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Care, Love and Save – A quick guide to a truly happy and healthy cat, has been written by Paolo Marra and Jacqueline Barros, both animal welfare activists and rescuers.

In 2012, they started a cat rescue and by the end of 2013 they found themselves running their own Cat Sanctuary. Moved by their own personal experience, they wrote this book to share what they have learn along the way. Read a short interview with the authors.

How did you come up with the idea of writing Care, Love and Save?

After many years of dedicating ourselves to helping homeless animals, we realized that, in most cases, all health problems, abuse, and abandonment suffered by these companion animals are mainly due to the owner’s lack of information regarding their pet’s real needs, traits and natural behaviors.

There’s a famous quote by Socrates that says it all: “Ignorance is the root of all evil.”

Not knowing how to adequately care for their pet plus a series of unrealistic expectations about their behavior, often lead the adopter to neglect and even abandonment.

What is the ultimate objective of this book?

Our book aims to promote animal welfare, worldwide.

Throughout the many years of hard work ‘in the battlefield’, helping animals on the streets, rescuing abandoned and abused pets, we came face to face with the fact that animal cruelty and abandonment are social issues that affect millions of companion animals worldwide, involving their unfair treatment, endless suffering and many other problems that would be impossible to summarize.

We decided it was time to take our activism to the next level by writing this compelling book and our dream is to reach millions of adopters and potential adopters around the globe to help educate them so together we can create a better world in which all these defenceless sentient beings are respected and well cared for.

Care, Love and Save - The ultimate quick guide to responsible cat adoption.

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How can this book help adopters and animals at the same time?

Firstly, it will help adopters get some basic knowledge on their feline friend’s needs and natural behaviors as well as the basic care required so that both the adopter and the cat can live happily ever after and fully enjoy this lifetime commitment.

Secondly, it will help prevent abandonment and irresponsible adoptions as the result of not knowing how to deal adequately with their pet’s needs or for not having previously considered the level of commitment required, both personally and financially, as well as the responsibilities and tasks that a responsible adoption require for life and the eventual difficulties that may arise.

Who is the main target audience for this book?

The contents of our book are so varied, it can benefit new adopters, long time adopters and potential adopters that are still undecided whether to adopt a cat or not. So educational, easy to read and full of illustrations that it’s also suitable for children.

Care, Love and Save – A quick guide to a truly happy and healthy cat will be out for sale on November 1st 2018. For further information and book preview, please visit their website at