Cat ‘paralysed’ after microchip is accidentally injected into its SPINE!

A pet cat was temporarily paralysed and left with eight stitches after a microchip was accidentally injected into its spine, its owner revealed today.

Kristina Hogan, 31, of Consett, County Durham, was ‘devastated’ after handlers injected the chip between the first and second vertebrae of three-year-old Sassie’s neck at a free council event.

Now, the single mother – whose three children were left in tears by the accident – is coming to terms with her pet being confined to a cage for six weeks, having had eight stitches along her back.


If it had gone any further up it would have hit her in the brain, and if it had gone any deeper it would have perforated her spinal cord.’

The chip was inserted by a non-vet worker at a free microchipping session run by the council.

Miss Hogan took Sassie to Crofts vets in Cramlington.
There, she had scans and surgery to remove the chip. Durham County Council has agreed to pay the £3,000 cost of the surgery and Miss Hogan said she is happy with their response.


Sassie just used to really enjoy being out – if you opened the door to call her she wouldn’t come and nine times out of 10 you’d have to tempt her in with a bit of ham.

‘Now she’ll never be able to go outside again because she’s too slow to get away from any predators. We won’t know the full extent until she has her cone taken off and her stitches out.

The cat was not permanently paralysed, although it may be permanently disabled. Immediately after the microchipping it kept freezing up and losing all movement but it is reportedly feeling better now.