Cat reunited with owner after seven years!

Freya is back home with her loving mom again seven years after she disappeared, thanks to a shelter’s TNR program and her microchip. Freya’s happy reunion with Jan Cheeseman of Shirebrook, Derbyshire, UK took place in recent days after the long-missing cat was found living with a feral colony 24 miles from her home.

Rain Rescue brought the reunion about after Freya was trapped through the South Yorkshire organization’sOperation Feral program. She had been missing since 2008. It was arranged for a volunteer and volunteer driver to take Freya back to be reunited with her owner. Although she already has four more cats but was desperate to see her.”


Rain Rescue cat co-ordinator explained: “We contacted the owner on Friday when we trapped Freya but there was no-one in. We were all waiting with our fingers crossed that she hadn’t moved and would call us back. Luckily she was in the same place. What we are trying to get across is that microchipping does work as long as the details are kept up to date.”

Jan Cheeseman and Freya