Time off to mourn the loss of a pet

Losing a pet can be just as heartbreaking as losing a human loved one. Although not required by any laws, some businesses are offering workers pet bereavement days. There are few life events that can be more traumatic than the death of a pet, even if you thought you had time to sufficiently prepare yourself for…

Easter Charitable Shopping

Charitable Shopping – Easter 2016

SPARE A THOUGHT FOR HOMELESS KITTIES THIS EASTER! Consider purchasing one of our charitable items from our online store A portion of proceeds goes to help less fortunate kitties have a  second chance at life! Find unique merchandise with our art on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers, and more at our Cafepress online store. [metaslider id=3573]

Crazy Cat Homes

Can cats be responsible for owners’ Schizophrenia?

Growing up with a family cat is a significant if improbable commonality among people who develop schizophrenia. “Cat ownership in childhood has now been reported in three studies to be significantly more common in families in which the child is later diagnosed with schizophrenia or another serious mental illness,” wrote the researchers behind a new…

No money could keep Bonny alive

My cat died just before Thanksgiving. Twelve years before my girlfriend had told me she wanted a cat, and we traipsed through animal shelters until I saw this beautiful, white, frightened creature, huddled in the back of a metal cage until she was given a hand to snuggle with. We named her Bonny, after the…