Dachshund adopts abandoned kittens

Four kittens were born on the front porch of a local couple, right before an early spring blizzard brought more than nine inches of snow to the area.

The couple found the kittens on their porch, alone. Their mother wanted nothing to do with them so the couple sprang into action and took them inside to warm them up.

Little did they know it would be their Dachshund, JoJo, who would do much of the caretaking! The dog immediately took over mothering duties, including producing milk to nurse the kittens.  JoJo actually acts as if she “birthed them herself.”

JoJo nursed the kittens after their mother abandoned them…

The kittens, who are all boys, are named after Greek Gods: Poseidon, Hephaestus, Pan and Zephyr, also known as the “blizzard kittens.”

They’ll be available for adoption when they’re old enough.

Source: fox59.com

They may have been abandoned, but four little kittens quickly found a mother to call their own…