Dusty & Smokey – by Marlene

This is the story of sisters Dusty & Smokey  and how they crawled into our hearts. They are from Cape Town, South Africa.

Dusty was a tiny feral kitty when hubby rescued her and 3 sisfurrs. We homed 2 and kept 2. She is our flower child and very “energy efficient” She does not do anything, that cannot be done by someone else and has a very unique “hunting”style.

It entails sitting in one spot while the other sisfurrs do the hunting and then joining in the final kill lol. Dusty does not meow but rather “chirps” and has very unique round pupils….. Our little lion.

Last but not least….Feral baby: Smokey, sister to Dusty. Very special angel with special story. She was born with Feline herpes and it affected the development of her eyes and eyelids. She looked a bit scary when we got her. She was blind in the one eye and had no eyelids. The vet thought for sure she would be completely blind. Recommended PTS…. NO WAY.

Even after only 4 days, she firmly crawled into our hearts. We went the whole nine yards for her… and then some… Blepharoplasty, removed the blind eye and later electrolysis to remove excess hairs and we have never looked back. After 3 years I can confirm that she is a walking miracle. Prior and subsequent to her operation, the remaining eye appeared almost glazed over. We noticed about 18 months ago it has cleared and the pupil even centres itself at times, but mostly always a bit squint. She does not know she only has one eye and has the heart of lion.

I must add that Smokey was by far the bravest. She climbed trees, the others won’t…. so much so we booby trapped them to prevent her from going too high and landing in our neighbors yard. She is also a very brave little hunter.

Always first to try or test something new. We make sure to suppress the Feline Herpes with some good supplements and keep her healthy and happy. She is the most lovable of the gang and loves to talk. Mostly giving orders to her human slaves. Super sweet though describes her personality. Very very special place in our hearts, because of all the hurdles we overcame. I have a very very special bond with her.