Every Crazy Cat Lady’s dream!

Famous British singer Enya is currently living her dream life, residing alone in a massive castle in Ireland with her many cats and only a few staff members.

After multiple incidents with crazed fans, it’s clear Enya prefers the company of cats to humans. At one point, Enya was estimated to have as many as 12 cats at once, who live in harmony with the “Sail Away” singer.

Enya prefers this solitary lifestyle, as she rarely has any visitors, including her own relatives and she spends most of her time at Manderley Castle working in her studio on her art.

The reclusive and notoriously private 54-year-old singer is one the richest female musician in British and Irish history with a $132 million fortune and an enormous castle that she only shares with her cats.

Enya's fascinating life, living alone in a castle with cats