Feral kitten attacked by a raccoon

This little feral kitten and his family was attacked by a raccoon. He was spotted with a missing eye and turned over to Multnomah County Animal Services.

He also had a severe flea infestation, a heart murmur and calicivirus. His foster mommy said, “His feral litter was attacked by a raccoon, mom and one baby didn’t make it.”

He also suffered a possible jaw fraction that has since healed right up into a perfect pirate snarl or making him look like he has a broken smile. Thankfully, he is now in good hands and recuperating. His foster mommy is giving him love and attention he needs. And may take a while for him to be available for adoption.

“He is currently being treated for calicivirus, and will have to wait until he is 6 months old to be able to get neutered.” His foster mom said,“He won’t be available until then. But his little face could present complications with anesthesia so it will be a while.”

Source: armykitty.com

Photo courtesy of: AmyWho Photography