Heat-related illnesses can lead to death

When summer sets in, heat-related illnesses are usually seen affecting humans. But many people ignore the fact that intense heat gravely affects pets, as the number of abandoned pets increases during summer, animal welfare advocates have warned.

Abandoned pets are exposed to extreme weather conditions and the heat actually poses more of a danger to them than to human beings. In this case, dogs are the most vulnerable animal group.

Abandoned animals are used to living in homes where the temperature is controlled and if they are just left outside, they are not used to the heat. They don’t acclimatise to the heat.


From heat stress, it can develop into heatstroke, which can lead to the animal’s death, if no one intervenes.Dehydration is also a big problem among pets during summer.

In the summertime...

Warning signs of dehydration are easily detectable —sunken eyes, loose neck skin, and sticky gums.Pets can easily burn their paws while walking on tarmac on a very hot day. Whoever leaves them in the summer knowing that they will just die a slow death, means they’re nothing less than a murderer.