International Cat Day – August 8th

Cats have always been considered important on a worldwide scale because they are worshipped in many religions and their remains have been found even in the ancient tombs of Egypt.

They have been companions of humans from the day they were born and this is why they deserve a day of respect to themselves. However, humans have harassed cats in various ways by not taking good care of them, abusing them, harassing them or not feeding them. The International Cat Day is about learning what the sole purpose of a day like this is, the history of cats throughout the ages and the way cats should be treated in today’s society.

Last but not least, cats may not be for everyone but this is to let people know how this day evolved and why it is celebrated in hundreds of countries worldwide. The International Cat Day (August 8) is to commemorate a day where cats are respected, hugged and cuddled to show awareness to others in the world about the benefits of having an animal in your home. In last year’s celebration of the International Cat Day in Toronto, the local pet shelters were giving away two kittens for the price of one.

International Cat Day – August 8th

This was a great way to raise awareness of people getting cats and it would be totally worth it as they are already vaccinated, micro chipped, spayed/neutered and completely checked by a professional veterinarian. I think this was amazing as the price of a kitten in this condition was only $75, which helped you save $75 from the other one; although, you still needed to pay $15 as license fee for the second cat.


This was a great way that Canadians stepped in to show their dedication to these furry animals and showed the rest of the world how they can contribute to this day as well. Domestic violence hurts and is not a good thing to do to a cat. It not only causes physical harm to the cat but it also causes emotional harm.

The International Cat Day is about raising awareness about cats, about giving them a home to feel respected, to have the luxury of food every day and of being treated fairly. In today’s world, mental health is a huge concern. Cats provide health benefits as well as companionship for people in danger of certain illnesses. All in all, don’t forget to enjoy your day with your furry friend and if you have been inspired to get one from this article, then please do so. Happy International Cat Day.