Is your cat left or right pawed?

According to studies at the University of Manchester, a 50% of domestic cats are right pawed, 10% of them are ambidestroux and the remaining 40% favor their left paw!

In adition to that, it seems to be also gender –related, male cats tendo to be left pawed, while in cats that have been spayed or neutered at an eraly age, this dictintion goes away.

Determining if your cat is left or right pawed or ambidextrous isn’t as simple as running one test, such as giving them a toy to play with just out of their reach and seeing which paw they reach with. This is because their paw preference is often weekly expressed, unlike with humans. Thus, in order to accurately determine your pet’s paw preference, you need to run such tests several dozen times to see the trends


That being said, it should be noted that cats, as in all things, tend to be trickier to figure out than dogs. For instance, it’s been observed that when cats are playing, they typically don’t exhibit much in the way of paw preference, but when they want something, like a treat, it’s then that they’ll usually use their dominant paw first, unless they are simply one of those 10% or so that are ambidextrous.

left or right pawed?