August 9, 2021
Signs of Separation Anxiety in Cats
Do cats experience separation anxiety?
September 21, 2021
Anxious cats aren’t comforted by objects that smell like their favourite person – and these reminders could even make them howl more in their owner’s absence. Read more:
Do cats get comfort by smelling their owner’s stuff?
October 11, 2021
Do Cats Grieve?
November 8, 2021
Animals get the winter blues too
Do cats get sad in winter?
September 21, 2021
Do cats experience separation axiety?
Do cats miss their owners?
June 19, 2016
Cat speak different languages
Do cats respond to different languages?
January 2, 2021
Do cats have metaphysical powers?
November 16, 2021
Do cats remember their late owners?
Do cats remember their late owner or old house?
March 22, 2014
Can my cat see things that I dont?
Do cats see something we don’t?
December 19, 2022
Christmas trees are considered to be mildly toxic to cats, confining your kitty away from the tree when you are not home is recommended...
Why are Christmas trees poisonous to cats?
March 17, 2023
Pet me, I'm Irish!
Watch the secret sippers on St. Patrick’s Day
December 8, 2022
Bright ornamental plants are a great way to dress up the house during the holidays however, many common plants can be poisonous to cats.
Poisonous Holiday Plants
October 27, 2021
Halloween safety tips
Halloween safety tips!
July 4, 2016
Happy Independence Day!
Make your cat’s celebration risk free
October 4, 2021
Three Black Cats One Witch Hat by Nico Niemi
Why Are Black Cats A Halloween Symbol?
October 27, 2021
Chocolate Poisoning in Cats
July 2, 2018
Keep your cat safe
Keep your cats safe on July 4th
December 15, 2022
Cats and tinsel can be an expensive combination, and it can prove fatal too.
Tinsel, a hazardous holiday decoration
May 22, 2021
Why do cats freak out after they poop?
October 4, 2021
Three Black Cats One Witch Hat by Nico Niemi
Why Are Black Cats A Halloween Symbol?
June 19, 2021
Why do cats seek warm places?
Why do cats seek out warm spots?
February 20, 2015
Why Do Cats Love Boxes So Much?
August 3, 2021
Why are ginger cats the friendliest cats?
March 5, 2020
Why women love cats?
January 4, 2021
Happily owned by cats!
Why are cats crazy about laptops?
June 28, 2016
Why do cats knead?
Why do cats knead?
August 7, 2016
Why Does My Cat Love Shoes, Socks, or Bare Feet?
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