Your cat’s cartoon printed on any item.

Commission a custom cartoon illustration of your cat or cats and then have it printed along with their names, on any item of your choice from our online store.


Original and unique.

Print your cat’s cartoon on any item and make it unique. You can commission the digital illustration and do it on your own or you can choose to order one of the ready-made packs we have created for you with the digital illustration on printed on some of the most popular items sold. There’s a large variety of products available; take a look at some samples!

Even more unique.

Further customization such as personalized text, background patterns and colors to match your home decoration, available on request.

Cartoon printed on Faux Wrapped Canvas

Sample of digital illustration with personalized text, colors to match decoration, printed on an extra-large poster (40″x48″).

The Artist

Cartoon illustration has always been Jackie’s passion; she started sketching her favourite Disney characters at the age of five. In the late ’90s, Jackie became a graphic designer and years later she fell in love with an orphaned kitten that soon became her first cat. Merging her love for cats and passion for illustration was inevitable! Swipe through some of her latest digital illustrations.

How do I order?

Choose a Pack

Choose one of the ready-made packs below and proceed to checkout. Upon payment you’ll receive an email that confirms your purchase.

Commission Artwork

Our confirmation email will instruct you on how to submit closeup photos of your cat to have his/her custom illustration cartoon commissioned.

Get it delivered!

When artwork is ready, we’ll have it printed on the chosen item and delivered to your home. You’ll also get the digital illustration via email.

Ready to order ?

Choose from the ready-made standard packs we have created, using most popular items.
Or, you can choose to commission the digital illustration only.
Use contact form below if you wish to request more personalized options.


Digital illustration + name.
Price: $60 USD
Shipping: N/A
Total Price: $60 USD


Digital illustration +  name –  $60 USD
Large Pet Bowl – $25 USD
Pack Price: $85 USD + $5 USD Shipping
Total Price: $90 USD


Digital illustration + name –  $60 USD
Coffee Mug 11 oz. – $16 USD
Pack Price: $76 USD + $5 USD Shipping
Total Price: $81 USD


Digital illustration +  name –  $60 USD
Tote Bag – $15 USD
Pack Price: $75 USD + $5 USD Shipping
Total Price: $80 USD


Digital illustration + name –  $60 USD
Throw Pillow 16″ x 16″ – $33 USD
Pack Price: $93USD + $5 USD Shipping
Total Price: $98 USD


Digital illustration + name –  $60 USD
Fleece Blanket 30″x40″ – $30 USD
Pack Price: $90 USD + $5 USD Shipping
Total Price: $95 USD

Contact Us.

if you commission only the illustration you can use this form to request a more personalized item that is not included on our ready-made packs. We’ll get back to you with an estimate as soon as possible.

You can also contact us via email at