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Feeding your cat
Dry food vs. wet food
Can my cat go ‘vegan’?
Top 6 feeding mistakes
Top 6 feeding choices
Water supply
Water fountains
Facts, warnings and safety tips

Who let the cat out?
Gardens and backyards
Windows and balconies
The bathroom
Big appliances
Household hazards
Cleaning Products
Plastic bags
Facts, warnings and safety tips

Facts, warnings and safety tips

Checking your cat’s vital signs
How to take your cat’s temperature
How to take your cat’s heart rate
How to take your cat’s respiratory rate
Fleas and worms
How to make a natural flea repellent
The ‘purrfect’ carrier
Consider me gone!
Introducing the carrier
Facts, warnings and safety tips

Choosing the right vet
‘Fixing’ your cat
When should I have my cat ‘fixed’?
What are the benefits?
Is it an expensive procedure?
Will my cat suffer any negative emotional reaction?
Facts, warnings and useful tips

Top 5 most deadly diseases in cats
How to prevent them
Say NO! to declawing
Side effects and humane alternatives
Signs of pain and illness
Common emergencies
2 simple steps to prevent them
Your cat’s First Aid Kit

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