Russell, severely burned in house fire

A cat severely burned when a fire tore through a home located on Keith Drive in Raleigh, is now in urgent care and recovering from its injuries.

The fire left one cat and one dog dead, another cat presumed dead and one cat that was unharmed. The owner suffered burns trying to rescue her pets.

The dog was revived on scene but later died.

Russell the cat went missing after the fire and was presumed dead but returned to the house on Wednesday, Jan. 15 with second and third-degree burns over his face, ears, paw, rectum and body. He also had major injuries to his mouth and tongue.

The fur on his entire body had been singed off and was dehydrated and in pain. He developed a fatty liver syndrome as a result of not being able to eat for four days.

As soon as the cat returned to the home, he was rushed to an emergency clinic where he was started on life-saving treatments.

The tips of his ears had to be amputated, his burns were cleaned and dressed and a feeding tube was placed. He was kept heavily sedated to keep the pain under control.

The veterinarian treating Russell, Dr. Vicki Sellers, says that he’s very friendly and has been purring and even opening his eyes.

Russell is continuing to improve on a daily basis and is being weaned off his IV fluids but still has a long and costly road to recovery ahead.

Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care, where Russell is being treated, is now reaching out to try to raise enough funds to cover his care.

Latest UPDATE: Russell has started eating on his own!!


PayPal account has been set up and donations are being accepted over the phone and through the mail. If you’d like to donate, in addition to the PayPal account, you can call the hospital at 919-781-5145 or mail donations to 409 Vick Ave., Raleigh, N.C. 27612.

Dr. Sellers told WNCN’s Bianca Spinosa that Russell’s care will cost around $4,500 and $2,000 has been raised so far.


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