Sanctuary co-founders present their book ‘Care, Love and Save.’

Are you an adopter or potential adopter? Learn how to help your cat live a happier and healthier life while you save time and money on vet bills!

Change One life Cat Sanctuary co-founders, Paul and Jackie, are taking their activism to the next level with a compelling book that aims to educate adopters and potential adopters so together we can create a better world for animals. Their dream is to reach millions of people to promote animal welfare.

‘Care, Love and Save’ is incredibly quick and easy to read, and it targets two major objectives:

Firstly, help adopters get some basic knowledge on their feline friend’s needs and natural behaviors as well as the basic care required so that both the adopter and the cat can live happily ever after and fully enjoy this lifetime commitment.

Secondly, prevent abandonment and irresponsible adoptions as the result of not knowing how to deal adequately with their pet’s needs or for not having previously considered the level of commitment required, both personally and financially, as well as the responsibilities and tasks that a responsible adoption require for life and the eventual difficulties that may arise.

The contents of this book are so varied, it can benefit new adopters, long time adopters and potential adopters that are still undecided whether to adopt a cat or not. So educational, easy to read and full of illustrations that it’s also suitable for children.

Care, Love and Save – A quick guide to a truly happy and healthy cat

Care, Love and Save – A quick guide to a truly happy and healthy cat will be out for sale on November 1st 2018. For further information and book preview, please visit their website at