Lucky, my hidden gem – by Stephanie

This past May was two years since I saved Lucky. He has come such a long way. I would like to share this special story about Lucky with you all, thank you for taking the time to read!

Abused and neglected, no one wanted to give Lucky a chance. The information on the urgent list said he would never be domesticated, nor could he ever learn to love. Lucky was to be euthanized the following morning, his fate unknown.

I was instantly drawn to his photo his eyes spoke a million memories of agony & mistrust. Even more reading his story was just heartbreaking.   I couldn’t sleep that night. The following morning, I checked, watched, and waited for someone to pull him off that list. No one did.

Many were worried for Lucky, all wishing they themselves could help.   I knew he was meant to come home with me at that very moment.   When I brought Lucky home I felt hopeless. The police report attached to his paperwork stated he was thrown from a fire escape of an apartment where previous complaints had come about animals being abused and mistreated. Lucky survived his fall and ran into a nearby beauty shop whose doors were ajar. My poor Lucky hid under a table until animal control came and seized him to bring him to the NYC shelter. My heart was aching even more.  Only 7 pounds, filthy and visibly scarred I proceeded to take Lucky to the vet who found his tail was at one point severely injured which explained why he didn’t want anyone to touch him there. It was also found his bottom jaw was fractured.

Following his appointment I took him to Petco to be bathed. I explained to the groomer that I just wasn’t sure how he could react, I waited anxiously. When Lucky came out he was more beautiful than before. Upon return to his new home, Lucky scrambled to find his safe spot he had left earlier.   Terrified, Lucky would not come out from under my bed for almost 3 weeks. Yet each morning I would awake to empty food bowls, how good it felt for me to know he no longer had to survive without food.   Each day I would lay on the floor and talk to him in a baby voice his eyes would squint in response. I wanted terribly to show him the world wasn’t such an awful place anymore, but I knew he needed to heal first.

One night while I was asleep I rolled over to find Lucky sleeping on the foot of my bed, this was a breakthrough the one I have been waiting for.   While absent from my bedroom Lucky would play with various objects, or strings. Other times I would walk into the room to find him sleeping out in the open. I knew he trusted me because he no longer ran.   I was able to lay with him on the bed one day. This was the day he purred for the first time.

My heart is so full of love for all of my pets, all with their special stories of their lives before I took them home. One special kitty holds my heart, the one who is always by my side, who sleeps on me whenever he can. A cat who is oh so playful and affectionate who loves to purr and be loved. I believe everything happens for a reason, Luckywas meant for me and I for him … my hidden gem waiting to be discovered.