The story of Mäuschen & Muschi

Back in 2000, something strange happened at the Berlin Zoo. That’s when zookeepers noticed a black house cat had somehow made its way into a bear enclosure. Instead of scaring off the cat or mauling it to death, Mäuschen, an 800-pound Asiatic bear, adopted the wayward kitty. The zoo named the cat Muschi.
Patrons of the zoo frequently saw the cat and bear together. When the bear’s habitat expanded in 2007, Muschi cried for her larger companion because the two were separated for extended lengths of time.

Sadly, this remarkable friendship came to an end in 2010 when zookeepers had to euthanize the aging bear due to various health issues. No one knows what became of Muschi the cat, but this pair’s inspiring story shows that if a cat and a bear can form an unlikely duo, imagine what humans can do!