Therapy Cats

Our cats give us unconditional love and sharing that love with others in need can be a special gift. One way to do this is by having your cat certified as a ‘Therapy Cat,’ one that provides love, comfort and confidence to people who are shut in, lonely or sick. Once a cat has been certified and approved as a Therapy Cat, it can visit people in certain types of facilities along with its owner – usually in hospitals and nursing homes.

Cats seem to have an instinct to be there when we need comfort. Whether we are sick, worried about our work, blue over a broken romance, or mourning the loss of a dear friend or loved one, a cat will inevitably show up to share our angst. Feeling a furry body steal into your lap, then give loving licks on your hand or face, purring all the while, is one of the most comforting feelings imaginable.

Is it any wonder then, that cats are great therapy for nursing home residents too?

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It brings joy to see eyes light up when a cat is brought in by a visitor. Even more fortunate are those patients of health care facilities who have a cat in residence. Try petting your kitty when you are feeling stress from the activities of an unusually busy day. You’ll find those tense shoulder and neck muscles relaxing, your heart rate slowing, and an intense feeling of pleasure flowing through your entire body, as all those stresses flow out and relaxation flows in. Those are the benefits of therapy cats to nursing home residents and health care facilities, and they can be equally applied to the rest of us.


By interacting with people or by simply purring or being petted, Therapy Cats often work miracles.

They have been known to help significantly combat a variety of physical illnesses, as well as anxiety disorders, depression, loneliness and developmental disabilities. A visit from a Therapy Cat is always a welcome treat.

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