Tiffany, sold to the highest bidder!

An Australian family have sold their beloved pet cat in order to get an extra $140,000 (£75,000) for the sale of their home.

The bizarre property ‘claws’ came after a potential buyer saw the house and said they would buy it as long as the cat, named Tiffany, was included in the sale. The cat’s owners, the Perceval family, didn’t pussyfoot around, agreeing to let the buyers take their home in a leafy Melbourne suburb along with its feline resident.


Fran Perceval told reporters that when the five-bedroom house in Glen Iris was being viewed Tiffany got numerous admirers.

“We said to the agent, ‘She goes with the house, hahaha’ not expecting at all to actually have a clause written into the contract saying it includes the cat.”

The agent, Glen Coutinho, told Channel Nine: “I’ve had plenty of people say they’ll throw in their partners but not pets. It’s a first.”

One person who might not be so happy with the deal is Michael and Fran Perceval’s 19-year-old son, Sam. He bought the cat four years ago and was particularly fond of the pet.

His parents have told him they may well soon be making a trip to the local animal shelter.