Tina, the kitty under the car – by Kim

It was October of last year when my partner and I decided to grab some dinner since I was too tired to cook (very typical of me!). When we got to his car which was parked a road away from our home, we heard a very weak yet high pitched cry and noticed a paper attached to one of the wipers which said “Don’t start the engine. There’s a cat underneath your car!”

Being a cat lover, I asked my partner to try and get her out of there but she was too scared. After some time, she ran swiftly underneath a van in the busy main road. Being 10pm it was very dark and it was very difficult to stop the traffic and at the same time trying to get the scared kitty to let go and come out.

To cut a long story short after an hour or so both laying underneath the van talking to her, we finally managed to pull her out and put her inside a carton box which a neighbor gave us. She was the dirtiest but cutest kitty I had ever seen & fell in love with her immediately! We never stopped ever since that day 

2015_6328 Jul. 25