Tofo, travels in picnic basket – by Michelle

We went on holiday to a venue we had never been to before. The second day we were there a very emaciated flea infested kitten showed up on our doorstep begging for food. I cannot ignore an animal in need and thus shared some of my food off my plate with this baby.

When we got home that evening, she again appeared asking for food. And so began our daily ritual with her. Not having any pet related goodies with us, I made her bowls with tin foil and left water out for her daily.

By the end of the week she was waiting for us when we got home and would go sleep on one of our beds. When we started planning our trip home, I could not imagine leaving this kitten to fend for herself once again. She was looking a lot better and she had cleaned up pretty nicely. I was told that under no circumstances could we take her with.

When the day of departure arrived I was tearful and really could not come to terms with the thought of leaving her behind. We were to leave that evening to travel through the night. Tofo arrived and watched us packing and she kept getting our way as though she was trying to make herself noticed.

At the last minute we looked at each other and I decided that if I put her into a picnic basket and she freaked out as I imagined she would do, I would leave her as it was a very long trip home – almost sixteen hours. I went to pick her up and gingerly put her in the basket and closed the lid expecting her to freak out! She sniffed the basket and then lay down on the blanket I had put in and looked at me as though to say, we can go now.

Tofo only meowed twice on the way home and when we got home, she greeted the other cats as though she had always been a part of the clan. Today she is a stunning cat with the longest tail I have seen. She loves playing catch with a ball outside and sometimes comes for short walks with us. I am so happy we bought her home as she brings a lot of joy to us.

Thank you for letting us share her story and we are very proud our girl made the first edition of your book.