Why do cats freak out after they poop?

Experts finally revealed why so many cats frantically run away from their litter box after going to the bathroom. The real reason for cats acting this way is believed to link back to their animal instincts before they became a domesticated house pet.

Although cats are found at the top of many food chains, they are also the prey of many larger animals. Since cats are just as commonly predators as they are prey in the wild, sometimes it makes these cat phenomenons hard to read.


Running from the litter box could mean Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), kidney stones, inflammation in the colon or rectal area or the scent glands in the anal area called anal sacs, or it could be related to food allergy or sensitivities. But if your cat has no other symptoms besides running away from their poop, veterinarian experts agree that it’s likely the cat’s way of reverting back to the wild feral behavior of their ancestors.

It feels cold. When cats are completely wet, it’s harder to maintain their body temperature. Heavy wet fur loses its insulating ability and can put the cat at risk of hypothermia.


Scientists explain: “Although we are used to our domesticated cats covering their fecal droppings, things are different in the wild, where they defecate to mark their territory, These markings are used as a sign of dominance in wild cat colonies. So, in the wild, cats will cover their feces to prevent other animals being attracted and possibly attacking the wild cat.”

In conclusion: When your house cat uses the litter box and then runs like made through the house, he is simply trying to escape the fecal dropping and any animals that might attack him because of the scent.

Source: hngn.com