Barney, the cemetery cat

Barney  lived at St. Parish Church cemetery on the island of Guernsey off the coast of England. For 20 years, Barney comforted mourners at the cemetery as they laid their loved ones to rest but recently he died of old age. His death led to an outpouring of grief among the church’s staff, visitors, and residents of the town.

Mr. Curzon, who is responsible for maintaining the cemetery grounds,  said that for him Barney’s passing was like “losing a child”.

Barney was born in 1996. His owners lived in the house right next door and they were there for three or four years but then they moved a mile away. Although they took Barney with them, he kept disappearing and coming back to the cemetery and eventually  made it his home.

He was a complete sweetheart, he loved everyone who came through the cemetery. He would wait at the gate and make himself known to the newcomers and he gave a lot of comfort to people. He would rub against their legs as they placed flowers on the graves. He could be seen climbing on a headstone to rub up against people to help them through sad times.
Barney has been laid to rest in a special place and a plaque and bench would be placed in the cemetery in tribute to him. He is going to be really sadly missed.

RIP, Barney. You were a comfort to many.

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