LoveCATS calendars & books photo entry tips

Are you submitting your cat photo to be selected and featured in LoveCATS Books , Weekly Planners or Calendars 2017?

Please make sure your entry meets the requierments. Read the following tips:

  • You can control the resolution and image quality of your photos through the digital camera’s menu system.
  • If you know you will make prints of your digital photos from this particular subject, shooting at the highest resolution is a good idea. 
  • Even if you plan to make small prints, shooting at a high resolution is smart. Printing a high-resolution photo in a small print size allows you to crop the photo, giving you a result similar to zoom.


Keep in mind that shooting photos at the highest resolution will require more storage space on memory cards and on your hard drive. If you shoot photos at 12 megapixels all of the time, you’ll only be able to store about 40% as many photos on a memory card as you can if you shoot photos at a medium-quality setting, such as 5 megapixels. If you rarely print photos, shooting at a medium-quality setting can be advantageous in terms of conserving storage space.