Keep your cats safe during fireworks

Cats are afraid of loud noises, most of them are terrorized by fireworks. Keep your cats safe indoors with these few useful tips.

  • Give your cat a good play session before people come over for any celebrations.
  • Ask guests to keep an eye out for your cat during the party, to be sure that she doesn’t slip through unwatched doors.
  • Keep fireworks, charcoal, sparklers and glow sticks far from curious cats.
  • Before guests arrive or fireworks begin, place your cat in a safe, comfortable and escape-proof room.
  • Make sure to put a note on the door warning guests not to let your cat wander out.
  • Leave gentle music playing to cover the sound of the fireworks.

Just in case your cat manage to slip through unwatched doors…

  • Be sure your cat is wearing an up-to-date and visible ID tag on her collar at all times.
  • Have you microchipped your cat? Check that her microchip has your current information.