Does your cat ‘slow blink’ at you?

Cats do a lot of talking with their eyes — the eyes are part of a feline’s communication system. Slowly blinking at you is a sign of pure love. — one that says, “I feel really comfortable with you.”

All cats (yes, even feral cats) tend to have the “slow blinking eyes” thing going on. When other cats are around, you may see your cat slow blinking a lot. This is to let the other cats know that everything is cool. In the wild, where cats battle for territory, this blinking message is important because all the other cats will realize they are not a threat to each other. They’re signaling that there’s no need for fighting.


Try Blinking Back!

At times, our own facial expressions can get a response from a cat. If you’re in a comfortable setting  try slow blinking at your cat. Chances are, he/she’ll send a “kitty kiss” back your way saying «I love you too!».

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A mutual friendship may develop from this batting of eyes. Your cat may even come over and jump in your lap, giving you an open invitation to pet him/her. Understanding your cat’s body language will make bonding with your pet a little easier.