Look who’s talking too!

Although it can be tricky to communicate with a purring cat, animal behaviour experts claim they have ‘decoded’ up to 24 different meows.
Vet Gary Weitzman, author of How To Speak Cat, said: ‘Cats only vocalise to people. There are probably one to two dozen different vocalisations per cat that we would classify as “meow.”
‘However, you couldn’t get a Webster’s dictionary … and define those meows, because they’re individual for every single cat.’

These group of kittens purred and squealed with delight as their pet owner continued to replay a video of other cats talking, whilst looking at the screen with pure interest.

This YouTube clip has notched up nearly 400.000 views
The footage has been described as ‘cuteness overload’ and ‘adorable,’ with one user calling the kittens ‘gorgeous sweet things’


Dr Weitzman also said cats use their meows to ‘train’ humans into fulfilling their every wish, with different meows to say ‘feed me’, ‘stroke me’ or ‘let me out’.
‘The difference between cats and dogs is that we can train both species but, for the most part, we train dogs to respond to what we want them to do.
‘Cats, on the other hand, actually train us to respond to what they want us to do.’