Summer approaches, abandonment hits

Cats could not care less about expensive sport cars, magnificent villas or luxury fashion brands. They don’t care if you are  rich or poor, dumb or bright, messy or neat,  what kind of job you have or what social class you belong to.

Neither do they care about beauty, ugliness  nor physical imperfections. The only thing they care about is being by your side no matter what.

They will give you their heart, without reservations, in spite of it all. Whatever happens,  they will never betray you, not ever.

About how many people you know can you self-confidently say that they would do the same for you?  How many  people  make you feel special and unique without hidden expectations and no strings attached? How many people you know make you feel extraordinary and irreplaceable no matter what is going on in your life?

Please, let’s give it a thought for a moment before making any decision about this matter.


Summer time