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A team from North Shore Animal League caught the grey and white kitty, which some at the Brevoort Houses have named ‘King.’

Meanwhile, the 21-year-old alleged punter caught on a Facebook video stuck close to his mother, who insisted ‘the cat is fine,’ as he left jail and returned home.

It took 16 rescuers and several hours of chasing to capture the stray cat that managed to survive being kicked like a football by a Brooklyn punk — a vicious attack that was captured on video.

But so far the only price accused kitty kicker Andre Robinson has paid for launching an innocent animal into the stratosphere has been a night in jail.

The gray-and-white kitty was being checked out for injuries at an ASPCA hospital in Manhattan. If any are found, the charge against Robinson could be upped to a felony, sources said.

The cat chase began at noon when a team from the North Shore Animal League arrived at the housing project.

When the cat, dubbed King by some of the residents, took off running, he led a group of pursuers that also included NYPD officers and members of Sean Casey Animal Rescue on a two-and-half hour chase.

First, the fleet-footed feline squeezed himself into the engine compartment of a parked minivan. When the rescuers pried open the hood, he raced off and somehow squirmed his way inside a nearby Ford Explorer.

After King was rousted from the Ford, he led the humans on a not-so-merry chase through a construction site before he was finally cornered under a Dumpster. It took about 45 minutes for coax the cat into a cage.

“It certainly wasn’t easy, he was terrified,” said Dorit Shani of the North Shore group. “When cats are scared they don’t want to go where you want them to go.”

King being trapped