Cat Rescue Stories

A veteran  firefighter gets some recognition after he helped a woman rescue a cat tossed from a moving vehicle.

According to firefighters, the crew had just left the scene of a wreck, when they came to the intersection of the Highway  and saw a woman stopped in the middle of the intersection trying to save a cat.

The firemen pulled behind the woman’s car and got out to help her. She told firefighters she had just seen someone toss the cat out of a moving car. That’s when the cat got startled and ran under the woman’s car, wedging itself in the car’s engine.

Firefighters moved the car out of the intersection and firefighter Marshall Marler went to work freeing the stuck cat from the engine. “I reached into the engine and pulled the kitten out,” he said “The lady was so grateful and decided to keep the cat.” Firefighters say the woman became emotional and kept repeating that they were “the best firemen ever” for taking the time to help rescue a cat.

Marler’s wife is also very proud of her husband for being a hard worker and a humble spirit. “He never feels like what he does is a big deal because he wants to help people,” she said.

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Source: WBTV