The ‘Tom & Jerry syndrome’

Everyday sounds such as the rustling of a crisp packet or a ringing alarm clock could trigger seizures in your pet cat. This is known as: The ‘Tom & Jerry syndrome’. Vets have found that a form of feline seizure known as ‘Tom and Jerry syndrome’, so-called because of it’s similarities to a scene in the…

Calming Aromatherapy for Cats

If your kitty is a little too bouncy, you could try aromatherapy. Plant and flower extracts can calm both you and your kitty, but you need to be very careful because some of them can be highly toxic. Safety First If you’re an aromatherapy fan you’ll know that you shouldn’t apply essential oils directly to…

White Cats and Skin Cancer

White Cats and Skin Cancer

The sun is enemy to white cats, as repeated exposure can cause squamous cell carcinoma, particularly in areas where the hair is thin or non-existent, such as the ears, nose, and eyelids. This form of skin cancer can be painful, unsightly, and ultimately fatal unless diagnosed and treated early.