Household dangers to cats

You may think you live in an environment free from cat dangers, but every home is a potential minefield of hazards for your cat. Here are some common household dangers to watch out for…

Rat bait

Most people know that rat bait can also poison cats, but many don’t realise eating a poisoned rat can be fatal too. To reduce the risk of accidental poisoning, put the baits in a place that only the rats can reach

Some rat baits are safer for pets than others but be careful with any brand, If you think your cat has had contact with rat bait, call your vet immediately.

Snail bait

Most snail baits contain metaldehyde, which is highly toxic to cats. To reduce the risk of accidental poisoning, put the baits in a place your pets can’t access. Store snail bait in the original packaging within another sealed container and keep this in a high cupboard out of reach of pets.

Ant killers

Most of these contain boric acid which is toxic if a cat eats a large amount for its body size. Many ant killers have a sweet smell and taste to attract ants. This can be equally appealing to cats, so always put the ant killer in places your pet can’t get to.

Home office paper shredders

This is a relatively new danger for pets, particularly for cats. The machine can often be warm, making it an inviting spot for your cat to lie on, where it can inadvertently switch the shredder on. Cats have had paws, tails and fur caught.

Reclining chairs

These can be a major hazard for pets, especially young kittens. They especially likely to climb up inside the chair and curl up for a nap. When someone sits or starts to rock in the chair, pets can become caught or even fatally injured.

Oil burners

The oil used in oil burners is caustic but can tempt some cats with its smell. If licked or swallowed, oil can cause burns to the mouth or oesophagus that may become life threatening if left untreated .

Rubbish bins

Bins are full of hazards, especially for inquisitive animals. If a bin is left open, or can be easily knocked over, pets can pull out dangerous or toxic rubbish such as food wrappers, dental floss, and cigarette butts.

Electrical cords

It’s recommended to keep all electrical cords out of reach of pets, especially kittens that will often chew, drag and pull on any cords they find. If your pet chews and exposes the wiring it can cause severe injuries. These include burns to the mouth and tongue, and in more serious cases, seizures, difficulty breathing or cardiac arrest.